70 Tips for Cleaning Your House after the Kids are Sick

housecleaningDespite your best efforts to prevent it, your kids will end up sick at some point or another. As unfortunate as this is, it happens to everyone. The key to quickly coming out of this debacle on the other side is keeping the germs from spreading to the rest of the family. Disinfecting the house is one of the best ways to prevent anyone else from contracting the illness, and these 70 blogs are full of tips to clean your house in the event that someone comes down with a sickness that’s easily spread.

How to Sanitize Your Home after Illness

Where do you even start when it comes to cleaning the house after an illness? If you can, open up some windows to get fresh air into your home. This air will not only clear out any strange smells that are lingering, it will also help replenish the stale air with fresh air. Grab some rubber gloves, gather up all of the trash and dump it. Disinfect your trash cans, because they can hold germs for hours and even days depending on the germ. For other tips on cleaning your home after your kids have been sick, read these 10 blogs.

Cleaning Those Forgotten Areas

It’s easy to overlook cleaning some areas of your home; however, those surfaces can hold tons of germs. For instance, the drawers in your refrigerator can hold germs that can make your entire family ill. To avoid this, line them with paper towels. These 10 blogs share tips on how to clean forgotten areas of the home.

How a Decluttered Home Helps after Illness

While you probably try to stay ahead of clutter in your home it can be a never ending battle. If you create routines for yourself to prevent clutter, though, you can keep it under control. In times of illness you may have a friend or loved one come in to help you, but if your home is filled with clutter they won’t know what to do with it all and may end up stacking it or skipping over those surfaces all together. If you don’t have anyone to come help you and you are trying to make sure the house is picked up, you will find that it doesn’t take long at all to clean the house when there’s no clutter. Take a look at these 10 blogs to learn more about decluttering and how it can save you time and energy.

Cleaning the Kitchen to Avoid Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illnesses can make your family really sick. These types of illnesses are typically contracted because of cross contamination in the kitchen or a problem with food preparation. There are ways to prevent foodborne illnesses at home, though. Two easy tricks: keep surfaces clean and be careful to not to use the same knife with raw meat that you do with cooked. These blogs will explain how foodborne illnesses can happen and what you can do to prevent them.

Cleaning Up After Your Child Has Thrown Up

Unfortunately, cleaning up after your child has vomited is part of the parenting gig. It’s not fun, but if you use the tips found in these 10 blogs you will be able to make it bearable. One thing to remember is that you need to clean up the carpet immediately because it may stain the carpet if left to dry. The carpet is not the only place that kids throw up, though, and you’ll find tips for cleaning up any and all spaces in these 10 blogs.

Green Cleaning Products that Work

If you prefer to avoid harsh chemicals when you are cleaning your home there are several alternatives that will work just as well as for killing germs. Vinegar and tea tree are natural solutions that will disinfect surfaces, for example. Take a look at these tips and see if these green cleaning ideas appeal to you.

How to Clean to Prevent Illness

Every time you clean, whether it’s after someone has been sick or not, you are cleaning to prevent illness. However, there’s more to cleaning than just hitting the big areas in the home. These 10 blogs give specific tips on cleaning areas that you might not think about to prevent your family from getting sick.