15 Blogs for Learning about Vegetarian Diets for Kids

For parents who are vegan or vegetarian, raising their children with the same dietary habits may seem like a no-brainer. After all, it’s easier to fix one meal for everyone in the house when dinnertime rolls around, so feeding your kids the same vegetarian diet that you eat may seem like an obvious solution.  The following blogs will explain what some of the concerns are with raising children as vegetarians and what you should keep in mind if this is something that you want to do. Some of these blogs will sing the praises of a vegetarian lifestyle, some may point out some information that you didn’t know, and some will give you some helpful tips on how to raise your child as a vegetarian, complete with kid-friendly food suggestions.


Concerns about a Vegetarian Diet for Kids

If you are considering switching to a vegetarian diet for yourself and are wondering what some of the concerns are for raising your kids as vegetarians, these five blogs will help you pinpoint the things you should be concerned about as far as maintaining healthy kids.

Benefits of Raising a Vegetarian

The same benefits adults get from eating a vegetarian diet apply to children.  However, there are added benefits that you may not have considered before.  Meat contains a lot of hormones, and those hormones have been blamed for causing early puberty in meat eating children.  Read these five blog posts for more benefits of raising your child as a vegetarian.

How to Raise Your Child as a Vegetarian

Once you make the decision to raise your child as a vegetarian, there are a lot of things you need to consider.  These five bloggers will give you some information that you can use on your quest to get all of the right information for feeding your kids.

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